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RONIN - All Girls Are The Same [UPD]

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RONIN - All Girls Are The Same

Hokushin Mei, who was corroded by Honkai Energy, killed countless people in the area, and encountered Fu Hua, who was looking for the Far East Honkai Energy. Under the attack of Mei, who was possessed by Honkai Energy and had a maddened attitude of not listening to people's words, Fu Hua brought her down with just one move. When she finally saw someone who could defeat her, Mei was very happy. She wanted to end her life for perfection, but was stopped by Fu Hua. On the one hand, Fu Hua asked her to save her life, and at the same time, in order to monitor the Houkai, she kept Mei by her side, and on the other hand. Mei followed Fu Hua, always looking for opportunities. The two began their journey in the Far East.

In the middle of the night when Shion was buried, Mei heard the call of the white kitsune. In this way, the White Kitsune relies on the Houkai energy in Mei's body and its own resentment, combined with Shion, to turn into a demon to seek revenge for the thief. However, even if it was to kill a sinner, she could not let Honkai kill wantonly. Fu Hua took action to stop the demonized Shion. In order to fulfill her promise to Shion, Fu Hua chose to liberate the white kitsune that was eroded by the Houkai and hatred, while the white kitsune who couldn't let go of Shion stayed with the master forever. The incident was over, and the bandits also promised to abide by their duty and be virtuous, and at the same time enshrined the White Kitsune. They told Fu Hua the Yae Village that there was a demon kitsune at work. After hearing about it, Fu Hua and Hokushin Mei rode Jingwei again and set off.

After escaping from the pursuit, Kallen revealed the whole story under the questioning of the 2. Kallen was originally a member of the Schicksal Church, and the "God Box" is an evil prop that hosts the Houkai. After the Schicksal Church used the "God Box" to cause various tragedies, Kallen decided to steal it and travel across the ocean. However, Schicksal refused to let it go, the endless escaping and chasing exhausted Kallen's physical strength, and she was rescued by Yae Sakura when her life was hanging. However, what Kallen never expected was that the Honkai energy in the God Box she carried had eroded Yae Sakura, magnified her heartache of losing her sister, and eventually turned into the current tragedy of Yae Village. After hearing this, Fu Hua decided to help to the end and rescue Yae Sakura, but at the same time, Zofia has also located all the information of Yae Sakura, and the Knights of War has turned its direction and is ready to go all out to crusade Yae Sakura and retake the box of God.

Hokushin Mei quickly discovered the tricky things in it, but the guys who claimed to be "doctors" had the same bloodthirsty aura as her. As the so-called enemy's road is narrow, in the laboratory of the Apocalypse Plague, Hokushin Mei met the culprit who caused all this - Rvy, it turned out that these refugees were all prepared for the experiment of God Box. However, in the face of the sudden criticism and crisis, Rvy compiled a set of belief lies to re-bewitch these refugees. Hokushin Mei was forced to fight alone, but without Fu Hua's restraint, the Houkai in her body was gradually activated with the killing intent, and thus gained the upper hand in the battle. When Rvy saw this, she activated the God Box. The refugees present died one after another, and Hokushin Mei was also severely injured to a certain extent. On the verge of defeat, Fu Hua, who felt the aura of the Houkai, rushed to the rescue in time, and Rvy had to retreat temporarily.

Reviews were very strong, but audience turnout was nothing too impressive.Football and the World Series provided distractions for this audience overthe weekend. Reeves last hit number one with 2008's TheDay the Earth Stood Still with $30.5M. But his most recent studioeffort - the big-budget 47 Ronin -flopped last Christmas with $14.2M in its first three days, the same asWick. Since the actor's signature Matrixtrilogy ended 11 years ago, he has not had a single $100M+ domestic hit.Lionsgate acquired the film at no cost, however recouping marketing costsfor a wide North American release will be no easy task.

Robert Downey Jr. dropped to ninth with TheJudge which grossed an estimated $4.3M, down 45%, giving WarnerBros. $34.4M overall. Collecting the same weekend estimate was the horrorentry Dracula Untold which stumbled57% thanks to new fright competition. Universal is now sitting at $48.3Mdomestic and $166M worldwide. 041b061a72


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