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Betting To Win: A Professional Guide To Profita... _TOP_

* The latest academic and professional research on the operation and analysis of horseracing, greyhound racing, football betting and numerous other sports betting markets is collated, summarized and made accessible in a non-technical form.

Betting to Win: A Professional Guide to Profita...


In 2021, the legalized sports betting market in the US doubled in size, with Americans wagering close to $53 billion, per Morning Consult. Before 2018, US professional sports gamblers could only ply their trade in Nevada or on top online offshore betting sites. The repeal of PASPA changed all that. Hence, interest in sports betting and people wanting to learn how to get better at sports betting has dramatically increased over the past four years.

Today, many punters believe that they can finally put their accumulated sports knowledge. Thus, that is where sports betting books come into the lives of newbies to this sphere. Below, we rattle off the best sports betting books on Amazon, accessible in the Kindle format and as paperbacks. These will help teach any layperson how to become a professional sports bettor in weeks, opening doors to a pastime that could prove most lucrative.

Known as the SportsWolf on Twitter, Kevin Dolan is a World Series of Handicapping Champion, featured on WagerTalk, as their soccer analyst. His book explains six betting principles that every professional bettor should implement to ensure profit at land-based and online sportsbooks. It teaches how to create accurate power rankings, analyze betting patterns, and evaluate line movements.

I have always been fascinated by beating the casino at their own game and in 2009 with the financial crisis in full swing that fascination became an obsession. But after lots of trial and error, experimenting and false starts I finally was able to turn that obsession into a career and make money gambling. I was a professional gambler. Over many years it was my full-time job, making over a million pounds along the way. I started with matched betting and then moved to arbitrage, while dipping my toes into every other form of professional gambling.

Matched betting is probably the easiest way to become a professional gambler but does have an earnings cap. Once you have made 15,000-20,000 you will need to move on to another way to make money gambling.

The hard part is stopping your accounts from getting closed. Although arbitrage betting is completely legal, as soon as the bookmakers realise you are a professional gambler they will limit or close your account. Here is a guide a wrote How To Make Money Arbing And Avoid Getting Your Account Closed.

Betting on outrights or golf futures is arguably the most popular way for sports bettors to get skin in the game on professional golf tournaments. Similar to betting which team you think will win the Super Bowl or World Series, a golf outright or futures bet picks an individual golfer to win a particular golf tournament.

In short there are many ways to take advantage of the moneyline if you are aware of the implied odds and the offers available to you. Check out our sportsbook bonus guide for more info on betting with bonuses.

USA sports betting continues to gain popularity, making it tough for sports fans to avoid hearing about the odds during games. Many sports betting terms are foreign to casual fans, but a sports betting betting guide can help you prepare to place your first wager. One of the most important aspects of sports betting is to find a quality sports betting promo code before you open your account, and Caesars Sportsbook is offering one to new customers for a limited time. Caesars has sports betting odds for every major sport in action, along with sports betting futures for the upcoming football season. There are basic sports book terms to learn before opening a mobile sports betting account at Caesars Sportsbook. Caesars is one of the most trusted names in entertainment and gaming, and a new Caesars Sportsbook promo code can get you into the action right now.

Before you play, make sure you know the common betting terms you'll see. There are dozens of ways to bet on sports, and this handy sports betting guide can help you figure out what some of the most popular sports betting terminology means.

However, if you want to become a successful sports bettor, going contrarian isn't enough on its own. It's a guiding philosophy and great foundational pillar. But it only gets you halfway. The final missing ingredient is making sure you are on the sharp side of every bet. This means that you are betting on the same side as the professional bettors who win at a high rate. In other words, always be with the smart money, never against it.

Unlike public bettors, who have day jobs and bet for fun during their free time as a hobby or form of entertainment, professional bettors have no other job. Sports betting is their full-time job, their only job and their only source of income. While average public bettors might spend five minutes or less deciding who to bet on, pros live, eat and breathe betting. They spend hours each day dissecting data, statistics and head-to-head matchups.

A common question that many new bettors ask is: should you bet with the money or against the money? This is a bit of a catch-22 because it depends on what kind of money it is. If the money is coming from professional bettors you want to bet with the money because it's considered "sharp" or "smart" money. If the money is coming from average Joes who are betting for fun, you want to be against the money because it's considered public or "square" money.

There are also betting systems from professional gambling syndicates or other people who do this for a living. While these are rarely available to the public, some have shown in the past to be consistently profitable sports betting systems.

For many professional punters though, betting on sports is like any other job. They wake up every morning to spend their days picking the right matches and placing proper bets. They invest in books, guides and tutorials to hone their skills.

Note: sportsbooks are guided by regulatory laws. They can only operate where they are licensed. As such, find websites authorized to provide betting services in your country. Also, look out for unique features that can increase your betting experience: In-play betting, cashback and partial withdrawals, to name a few.

For this reason, professional gamblers set goals that keep them focused on their short and long-term goals. Your plans or expectations can have a significant effect on your emotions when betting. For instance, you can become complacent after a winning streak. A losing streak, on the other hand, can ruin your confidence or distract you. As such, professional betters stick to their realistic expectations or goals when betting.

People that bet like a pro manage their bankrolls skillfully. And this is a skill that every gambler that wants to make a living from betting should possess. A professional better spend only the amount of money they plan for every gambling session. Also, they have a staking plan that they follow to secure long-term winnings.

Betting like a pro also entails identifying value. Ideally, a professional gambler focuses on value betting. But spotting value every day is not easy because it requires up to a thousand bets to draw a relevant conclusion.

A professional better can find value whenever they find a betting market with an outcome probability more significant than the available odds. Nevertheless, value betting becomes a simple concept once a person becomes a professional gambler. However, applying this concept, in the long run, is a different story.

Although you want to become a professional gambler, you might not be good with all games you can wager. Therefore, decide on your betting type and select the plays to specialize in when starting. Ideally, pick the games you already know and love. If you already have an innate knowledge and understanding of some games, consider them as your specialty.

Tracking the strike rates, losses, and wins is not enough when gambling professionally. Improving your gambling skills and experience requires you to delve deeper and identify trends in results. In addition, being a successful gambler requires you to be good with intensive analysis. That means you must start using analytical skills to select bets, perform unbiased account monitoring, and audit your betting record. That way, you can find your true edge in gambling.

Therefore, make a good reputation your asset. That way, finding betting opportunities will be an easy experience. Professionals in the gambling industry and beyond will also want to work with you if you have a sterling reputation for upholding high professional levels.

Most of all, those who want to bet on sports are already fans. Sports bettors are sports fans trying to use their knowledge of a game or players to earn more profit. It is not unusual for a gambler to make recreational sports bets, particularly during big games like the NCAA basketball Playoffs or the Super Bowl. Before placing a sports bet, one must be a fan of the team, sport, college, or professional team. Sports betting is also another option for a fan to participate in the game's action with more than just self-respect on the line.

The best way to profit from sports betting is to find value in sports odds. This method is how professional sports bettors earn money consistently and regularly. Your chances of success are pretty slim if you don't bet for value. Most sports gamblers aren't aware of this.

You can discover your betting strengths and weaknesses by documenting your bets. This is crucial since it will help you realize which areas of betting you excel at and which ones you find challenging. Knowing your strengths will help you to concentrate on and rely on them. Knowing your areas for improvement will help you pinpoint your weaknesses and put more effort into them. More importantly, you will discover your most robust sports and betting categories. Those are some of the reasons why professional punters always track their bets. 041b061a72


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