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You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine Mp3

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You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine Mp3


No one was really expecting a new Copeland record by year's end, but as it turned out, an intriguing viral marketing campaign and wildfire word-of-mouth ushered in the developing news that, indeed, a new album was on the horizon. And not only that, but this new piece of work was only a few short months away. As the days and weeks passed, the mysteries surrounding You Are My Sunshine faded, and finally, here it is.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The Imaginary Coffee Shop, For The Birds, I, Baby Bellyache, MIDI MUSIC, COMPUTER MUSIC, Dissecting A Rabbit EP (Remastered), BABY BABY EP, and 64 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $10.20 USD or more (70% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Rainbows And Sunshine 03:48 lyrics buy track No more apologies running through my head, just rainbows and sunshine all around my head/ 2. Tiny Tiny Tounge 05:54 lyrics buy track everything is hunky dory don't you worry everything is alright/ I feel funny like a bunny running through the soft sky/ relax your tongue and have some fun, grab your shoes and grab your gun your new teeth ain't so cheap but they look so cheap as you're counting sheep/ Something sticky oh so icky don't you let it come bite/ I'm so lucky I got trucky let me drive you all night/ relax your tongue and have some fun, grab your shoes and grab your gun your new teeth ain't so cheap but they look so cheap as you're counting sheep/ Tiny tiny tongue, don't you want a tiny tiny tongueEverything is good and everything is fun little baby critters roam under the ever shining sun/ pick the pockets of the pleasant pepper plum people and find the eye of the purple painted pecker people/ fluttering flies bring lemon pies as a gesture of good intention/ cups of coffee never grow cold in this land of true perfection/ 3. The Color Pink 04:50 lyrics buy track With the back of her head facing me, singing me to sleep while I dream of rainbows and sunshine/ Rainy day wait for me mommy said I can't play/ the color pink, I crave to be, lovely, she sings to sleep/ the color pink, I forget to dream but she sings to sleep so I float on free/ sipping coffee all day I can hum and I can play in this ugly land of hate/ I can hum and I can sing you a song, will you listen to my heart?/ rainbows and sunshine 4. Alphabet Soup 04:06 lyrics buy track A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U and V W X Y and Z/mama won't you please carrots and peas don't forget to dot your I's and spell your ABC's/ And see all the birds and bees in the trees, the trees so buckle up your knees please/ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U and V W X Y and Z/ Just sitting here looking pretty looking fair with my hair all curled in my cutie chair/ When was the last time you washed your clothes? a good boy always checks on his toes/ Everything is good and everything is fun, little baby critters roam under the sun/ How's Mr. Toad? is he having fun? Will he enjoy all the cheer under the sun? Be wary of the road that leads to Mr. Toad. In the land of Rainbows and Sun, he prays for rain to ruin the fun 5. The Road To The Toad 06:45 lyrics buy track Oh there's this road that leads to the toad and I can't go cuz i've grown too old/ He's a bottom feeder sitting at your toes and make sure you keep your eyes off his gold/ Oh this here toad lives on his own, he keeps all his gold underneath his home/ don't make a sound he might be around, if he sees you stay on high ground/ 6. The Face 04:54 lyrics buy track I'm the face baby, is that clear? No time, time to fear/ Why can't I see you here? No time, time to heal/ But I want to see you grow, and I want to see the show/ The show/ Home is where I want you to be, living with brand new baby teeth, ya I want you to be free and I'd kill to honestly/ So would I but I can't die until you start the show/ the show/ 7. Mr. Toad 08:12 lyrics buy track Oh I, man of clay, Oh you mold my shape/ Oh I, man of faith/ Oh you I can taste/ As I sit here like a toad waiting for bars of gold, filthy fingers rub my baby toes/ As I sleep here I ignore dying plants at my door and silly children laugh forever more/ And I'm afraid to die as I lie awake at night/ And I feel I should cry as I lie my way through life/ Oh I, man of clay, Oh you mold my shape/ Oh I, man of faith/ Oh you I can taste/ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine/ you make me happy when skies are gray/ you never know dear how much I love you/ 8. soft 05:51 lyrics buy track They act as if they want me to speak but I know their true intentions/ yet they push me down as if to say i'm worth nothing/ It's just a dream I can't wake up from/ Does anybody truly care about me? I could go days without eating, I've had to learn to stop speaking for long stretches of time, time moves slowly/ It's just a dream I can't wake up from/ time moves slowly credits released February 14, 2020 Written, produced and performed by Joshua Crawford.Guest vocals on "Rainbows And Sunshine" and "The Color Pink" by Victoria Martinez.Poems throughout the album co-written by Victoria Martinez.Guest vocals by my mother at the end of "Mr. Toad" singing "You Are My Sunshine" $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags boot liquor records experimental avant-garde bedroom pop children's music dream pop freak music indie noise outsider music synth pop Los Angeles Shopping cart total USD Check out about Blush Los Angeles, California

I have looked a little closer by open files in a mp3 editer and the room noise is there, 0.8 secs to be precise alhough thats not much when you press play, however, i have found a file with the end 3 secs missing which is the opening credits, its a little annoying that the ACX folk dont really communicate, i have submitted my book in 107 files but so far i can only find the one fault perhaps they just send the lot back and let you figure it out ? 041b061a72


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