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Tera Gunner Chain Skills __EXCLUSIVE__

The Gunner class also includes a summonable robot named HB-7 which can be blown up to stun enemies or used to quickly pull the gunner out of harms way. HB-7 is also able to heal the gunner when idle does small amounts of damage to mobs after the use of skills such as Obliteration and Arcane Barrage.

Tera Gunner Chain Skills

Empowered Brooch is superior to Quickcarve* because gunners have high critical chance on most of their skills. Having Empowered will allow you to do more raw damage. Quickcarve Brooch will affect the critical rate of Bombardment, Mana Missile and Burst Fire and the attack speed bonus gained from it is mostly useless (unless for score runs).

Sorry its about a week later and no one has reply to you I do not have any video. I do not main gunner but I do have one that is geared and I play it from time to time aside from the normal renown grind and daily/weekly. It is a unique class that I don't want to say is hard to play but takes a unique mechanic. It is a very swap heavy class so high latency an really work against you idk your ping. For stigma it will vary but for the most part for PvE as you asked its mostly cannon skills I have 6 advanced and I will say after playing like this for quite a while now it is very awkward using only 6 non enchated stigma's and I don't know the more optimal rotations as I don't main the class.

But just some information and hopefully with the refresh to your post you may get another gunner to chime in with some help. I run Shellshock (gold) Juggernaut cannon (blue) Pressurized Chamber (blue) this is where it get weird since its really awkward without the extra slots for normals but any cannon skills work for normals I would reccomend possibly blazing bombardment as it lowers m.def to help with dps then fiery blast, Shock & Awe, Power grab, Missile Guide any of these will be fine as you get more enchanted stigma idk I mess around with steady fire if I run autoload in my 3rd blue for pvp sometimes so I have run it in pve since I am too lazy to swap stigma and sometimes I run stopping power in the 3rd blue or the aether hold cannon skill but only during pvp.

Since it seems you were active I hope you found some help if not I actually did a little bit of testing myself so I would like to add on my 2 cents. Again I am not a gunner main so take this with a grain of salt if you can use this or incorperate some into your gameplay great if not no worries just some things I noticed practicing on the test dummy, crucible spire, as well as my tests in garden. I am going with the most basic and general knowledge not saying you have none of this but just to cover all ground. Also going with the idea you only have 6 stigmas and no daeva skills

Pistol Chain is most likely going to be Gunshot into Reload into Gunshot into Hot Shot for m.def debuff buff with pressurized chamber since you can only use in pistol but the buff works on cannon skills swap immediately into juggernaut cannon to remove the animation then the rest of your cannon skills. When you repeat I would change first pistol chain to Crosstrigger MP leech and 2nd would be Gunshot thus repeating. Obviously I didn't add the non chain pistol skills which you would just throw into the chain of pistol skills before you swap hot shot being at the end since its 10s m.def debuff you want on your cannon skills since they are doing much more dmg.

If you do happen to have daevas the reload daeva will allow you to start with pressurized chamber then when you used reload it refreshes and you dont use it again until you buff before you swap. Precise Shots daeva if you have you can swap for your 2nd Pistol Chain to make sure your first 2 cannon skills will crit after the weapon swap but this requires you to make sure when you use precise shots you DO NOT do the chain as you will waste your crits on the chain and not your cannon skills.

I started playing tera around the time it went f2p back in march of 2013 and hit 60 on my first character on AV around May that year. I mained warrior at the time, both tanking and dpsing as needed, and moved on to leveling other classes since the game got stale.Following warrior, I leveled berserker, priest, lancer, reaper, mystic, archer, slayer, sorcerer, gunner, and brawler to 60 > 65 in that order. Needless to say, I have enough experience in this game playing across all roles/classes and have cleared all major content since the release of Tera.

The Brawler is a heavily armored class that specializes in tanking using Powerfists. Brawlers build up their rage whenever they use their skills.Once their rage is enough, they can block frontal damage while attacking and even counterattack dealing damage back to the enemy.Brawlers are able to push together groups of enemies and cause massive damage to all of them.

The ninja is a cloth armored melee DPS class that uses a Shuriken to deal damage. Ninjas are a very mobile class focused on evading enemy attacks and chaining skills into combos, which can make them difficult to master. They generate Chi energy, which they use to trigger powerful abilities.

As part of Awakening reaper gets total two news skills to its main rotation:Dark Harvest is chain skill that usable after Grim Strike or Sundering Strike.This skill has cooldown of only 5 seconds, so it should be weaved in rotation whenever possible.It's has side effect of boosting Shadow Burst and Sundering Strike with enhanced versions.


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