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Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

James Last: The Life and Music of the King of Easy Listening (Discography Torrent Included)

when i was 14, my parents gave me a book of black jazz covers. the first thing i noticed was the cover. the shot was a slide, black and gray with a few sepia tones thrown in to keep things real. the cover was simple, the title, an image of three musicians, a piano, and the name of the lp under the piano's grand and a 4 in the upper left. from it, i learned these things: (1) my parents were really cool people because i would prefer to have this record than any i could afford on my own, (2) this is a really good album, and, (3) jimmy smith would become an influence on the last's improvisation to come.

James Last Discography Torrent


although not as versatile as ornette and not as facile as lester, chorale stands as an engaging example of ornette's musical independence from music as it was practiced by his contemporaries. one could even say it's a musical primer for ornette. for starters, the recording itself is exemplary. it shows the bassist to be one of the liveliest and most friendly soul artists of the era. one of his trademark phrases while on stage was, "when i come out, you kick me, and when i kick you, i think it's funny." the rhythm sections on this record capture that spirit. listen to how loose and swingy ornette is on "fancy not," "cellophane piece," "the wheel" and so many others. as if that weren't enough, chorale also offers some of his most memorable anthemic rock. the thunderous, if slow, rock of "if you love me (love your man)" should not be taken for granted, as it reaches its peak with the exhortation, "don't you let anybody tell you that you're second hand.


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