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Igo Primo Exe 219 [VERIFIED]

don balsco is an interesting character in the book, and he is described very well. he is an introverted man with a sense of superiority derived from growing up in a wealthy family. the family thought he was a good looking boy, but they found out differently. never having to answer to anyone; he constantly questioned everything. i like how difficult he makes it for the other characters in the book, and it comes through in the story. he is a slim, well-groomed, classically handsome man with that bit of arrogance that comes through his eyes. but he is more of a scholar than a warrior. he is cantankerous and cant stand all the children except for prince giacomo. he has a split personality. he has battles with his wife, lucia, but he is also in love with her.

Igo Primo Exe 219

the author has taken pains to blend the american's with their italian counterparts to make the characters more natural for the reader. indeed, the scenes in the american's city of d?ranno, in teh state of new jersey, are more realistic. we see the reading rooms, long, narrow hallways that lead to the lavapatti. the interiors of the buildings and homes are also vivid. the descriptions of the conversations seem real. on the other hand, the scenes in the southern italian city of noto, in sicily, where the court is often assembled for the childrens benefit, and the descriptions of the court scenes are less representative of the courtly behavior than of those of 18th century sicilian and spanish nobility. such descriptions were more graphic to the author than those of noto.

a surprising character is don abbondio, the court doctor. he never fails to shed a tear at a scene where a character passes away. he is a fine example of a good man caught between his profession and his conscience. he is the one member of the family who wants to see prince giacomos claims bypassed. he is actually more of a psychologist than a doctor. he goes to see the poor relatives when they are sick, feeds them and does not ask for anything in return. he is the one that is far more emotionally involved in the plight of the poor.


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