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9 O Clock Tamil Movies

The term "twelve o'clock high" refers to the practice of calling out the positions of attacking enemy aircraft by reference to an imaginary clock face, with the bomber at the center. The terms "high" (above the bomber), "level" (at the same altitude as the bomber) and "low" (below the bomber) further refine the location of the enemy. Thus "twelve o'clock high" meant the attacker was approaching from directly ahead and above. This location was preferred by German fighter pilots because, until the introduction of the Bendix chin turret in the B-17G model, the nose of the B-17 was the most lightly armed and vulnerable part of the bomber. Enemy fighter aircraft diving from above were also more difficult targets for the B-17 gunners due to their high closing speeds.

9 O Clock Tamil Movies

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There are only twelve hours written on a clock in any part of the English-speaking world. This may be true in the region where you live too. This is a very common system for telling time. However, that means it will be 6:00 twice every day, once in the morning and once in the nighttime! So, how do you talk about 6:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night?

Both a toll and a chime mean to ring a bell. In churches and town centers (and sometimes in clocks found in houses) the bell would chime every new hour. So, there are times that you can say you will do something at the start of the next hour using these phrases. You will probably hear this more often in older films and books, and sometimes as a joke.


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