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Train Valley 2 Update 32 _TOP_

For those of you who never played the original Train Valley, here is a quick recap. In the game you are in charge of a train company. You are given different train depots which you have to connect by building tracks between them. You need to use those tracks to guide different colored trains to their corresponding stations. You need to create an efficient set of tracks to get trains to their desired stations without crashing into one another or entering the wrong station.

Train Valley 2 Update 32

In the original Train Valley trains randomly appear in stations and you have to prioritize which trains to move first. If you took too long to move a train, it will leave the station on its own. This creates problems as you might already have another train moving on that track. I really enjoyed this mechanic as it was fun trying to manage all of the trains popping up all over the map. The one complaint I had with the mechanic is that since the game was kind of randomized, you needed luck to be on your side in order to do well in a level.

In Train Valley 2 the trains no longer randomly appear on the map. You are given access to a fleet of trains (which you can expand and upgrade). The goal in each level is to provide the required amount of resources to one or more cities. Each city provides you with workers which you will use in order to make goods to bring back to the cities. For example a city needs some wood. You send a train from the city (filled with workers) to the sawmill. When the workers arrive they are used to create wood. You can then send a train from the sawmill back to the town to deliver the wood. This is a very simplified example as you eventually will have to take that resource and refine it even further at another station. Sometimes you will even have to combine several resources together to create the finished product.

Two of the stars in each level are given for accomplishing certain tasks. For example you could get a star if no trains crash or enter the wrong stations. I really like these stars as they usually reward you for avoiding mistakes in the game. I do question why in some levels you are rewarded for having trains crash into one another or making other mistakes. In general these stars are pretty easy to acquire if you are paying attention to them throughout the level.

If you played the first Train Valley and enjoyed it, I think you will enjoy Train Valley 2 even more. If you have never played the original Train Valley before and enjoy these type of puzzle games, I would recommend picking up the original game along with Train Valley 2. I honestly think the only reason not to pick up Train Valley 2 is if you hate these type of puzzle games. I know I enjoyed Train Valley 2 and am eagerly awaiting for new updates to the game.

At least 57 people were killed and more than 80 others were injured in a head-on collision between a freight train and a passenger train in Greece late Tuesday, which officials said was mainly due to human error.

The crash occurred shortly before midnight in the town of Tempi along the Athens-Thessaloniki route at the entrance to the Vale of Tempe, a tree-lined gorge that separates the northern Greek regions of Thessaly and Macedonia. The two trains were running toward each other on the same track and the force of the high-speed collision derailed multiple cars, with some bursting into flames, according to Greece's Hellenic Fire Service.

The passenger train was traveling at a speed of about 103 miles per hour when it collided with the freight train, according to the Hellenic Fire Service. Greek state TV reported that the two trains were running on the same line for 12 minutes, or a distance of about 11 miles.

The impact of the collision left the passenger train's restaurant car on top of two other cars. A blaze broke out in that carriage, with temperatures reaching as high as 1,300 degrees Celsius (2,372 degrees Fahrenheit), which \"makes it difficult to identify the people inside,\" the Hellenic Fire Service spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

The search and rescue operation at the site of the train collision will continue overnight into Thursday, according to the Hellenic Fire Service. Rescuers \"will continue\" the search \"until the last stone is turned,\" a Hellenic Fire Service spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday evening.

\"As we continue to see the death toll rise, I want to offer our sincere condolences to the people of Greece for the tragic loss of life in the train collision that happened overnight in the town of Tempi,\" Price said. \"The United States stands with our friend Greece, and we commend the incredible dedication of first responders who are working tirelessly to save lives and attend to the injured.\"

Train Valley is not either of those. Still, it looked to be a fun little game so I played on to see what it offered. It seemed simple enough, you just build tracks between stations and then send trains back and forth.

Levels start out with just one train and a station or three, but then things heat up and soon you have trains waiting to go and more stations to hook up and you have to consider how to lay things out so that a train from any given station can get to any other station. And if a train waits in the station too long, it will eventually just go, rolling out onto the rail line and mucking up whatever you might be trying to do.

You can see on the level in the screen shot above that there is a tunnel. That is an added complication that rolls a train at you every so often. More complications. And when trains crash, that costs money too. There is a loss for the train, the need to clear away the damage, and the building of new track.

Then I arrived in Tokyo, the penultimate of the Japanese levels. The trains are long and fast and show up at a rapid pace once the level started moving, you end up with a lot of stations, space on the ground is tight, and to get the layout you need you have to destroy some expensive buildings.

You end up with a fairly generous starting bank account, but having that first train show up wanting to get between two difficult stations can strain your budget almost immediately. In the screen shot above I am blowing almost half my initial capital for the first stretch of rail, and I still have four stations unconnected. 041b061a72


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