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[S1E5] Epiphany

But Rick's sudden epiphany that he was going to be a better man for a wife who doesn't even like him, and give up his role as a sex trafficking liaison, should have been our first clue that Rick was on his way out.

[S1E5] Epiphany

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As well as accepting the Holy Spirit into his life and gaining an extra name (albeit the same one thanks to Grandad), Martin, or Martin Martin if you will, experiences quite the epiphany during his confirmation service: he wants to become an altar boy. In awe of the cool lads who serve Jesus, Martin's dreams of donning a cassock are realised when choir leader Dessie accepts his application to serve.

Chihiro then has an epiphany. She realizes that if she has strong emotions - like her feelings of love for Renji - that those emotions will roll forward on their own. It is because she cannot help but think of them by their very nature. And what's more, those feelings of love will roll forward indefinitely. Unlike her other memories, which will inevitably degrade and fade when rolled forward (like faces and images), her feelings of love for Renji will never fade over time. With this new knowledge she breaks her chains and frees herself from her memory prison. (See Epic Ef Scenes Breaking Chihiro's Chains)

As Plum spirals into a breakdown -- or an epiphany -- she finds herself knocking on Verena's door. As Verena helps her into the house, Plum lets her benefactress know she's ready. For what, though, only time will tell. 041b061a72


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