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Legal Information Date of SuitCircuit Court Case Number5/24/201717-012533 CACounty Suit Filed inDate of Final DispositionDade11/21/2019Other Defendants Involved in this Claim Stage of Legal System at which Settlement was Reached or Award MadeMore than 90 days, after suit filed and prior to or during the course of mandatory settlement conference.Final Method of Claim DispositionSettled by partiesCourt DecisionOtherNo Court Proceedings. ArbitrationClaim subject to arbitration, but settlement reached in lieu of award.Date of Payment10/24/2019 Financial Information Was there a settlement Resulting in payment to the Plaintiff?YesIndemnity Paid by Insurer on behalf of Insured$5,000Loss Adjust Expense Paid to Defense Counsel$89,000All Other Loss Adjustment Expense Paid$16,456Injured Person's Total Non-Economic Loss$0Deductible$0Injured Person's Total Economic Loss Incurred to DateAnticipatedMedical Expense$0$0Wage Loss$0$0Other Expenses$0$0Safety Management Steps Taken by Insured to Make Similar Occurrence Less LikelyUNKNOWN Updates No updates found.

012533 zip

Also add what you already tried so far. i have verified files and reinstalled gameAnnotation 2020-03-07 1748331245934 459 KB Annotation 2020-03-16 0123071110574 32.2 KB Annotation 2020-03-16 0124091106554 55.2 KB Annotation 2020-03-16 0125161113563 56.3 KB Annotation 2020-03-16 0125331115563 53.3 KB 041b061a72

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