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MOLLA - Take Me 7 (Original Mix)

The IOM committee sought what could be learned from other disciplines and applied in health care by clinical and administrative leadership. It described actions that health care professionals can take now in their own institutions, whether they are new trainees, experienced clinical leaders, or instructors. The major thrust of the report was a four-part plan, intended to create financial and regulatory incentives to create a safer health care system and a systematic way to integrate safety into the process of care (the focus of this chapter). The four parts of the IOM recommendations are described below:

MOLLA - Take Me 7 (Original Mix)

#17 I kind of feel the same with retelling TOS its like been their done that. On the other hand would it be cool retelling TOS to a general audience and seeing Abrams and crew doing a different take on TOS episodes.

What if they did a twist of Wrath of Khan. Dr. Carol Marcus on board the Enterprise to find of planet to test the Genesis Device and when Kirk, Spock, Chekov and Dr. Marcus beam down to Ceti Alpha V they find Khan and crew out of suspended animation. Then Khan and crew act friendly at first but then decide to take over the Enterprise to get back to Earth so they can rule again. 041b061a72


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